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Nearly two years have passed but I'm back from the blogging dead.  But at least I'm still alive.  Recently there was a bombing at Glorietta mall, not far from where I live.  Of course, everybody was calling me asking me if I was at the mall during the Glorietta bombings.  Thankfully, no I was not there during the explosion that killed 11 people so far and injured over 100 more.  Of course, there has been political finger pointing to place blame on our own government for the bombings.  The initial report was that it was a gas leak, then C4 plastic explosives, and now nobody is sure what caused the explosions at Glorietta mall.  Call me cynical and jaded, but those people who are pointing the finger at the current administration have their point and you objectively cannot dispute it.  But maybe in my kinder and gentler perspective of the world these days, I'm having a hard time accepting that the President would have anything to do with this.  After all, she's an economist and the strong economy is the primary reason that she has been able to escape other criticisms and scandals such as the "Hello Garci" scandal.  So why would she shoot herself in the proverbial foot by causing a big dip in the economy and therefore expose herself to probes and doubt?  Bombing Glorietta just doesn't make sense to me if I was president, and even if I was evil.  It's just beyond me.  But hey...as I said, I'm a kindler, gentler, and less angry Kiana these days.

October 23rd, 2007

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I'm writing this little blurb in protest on my pages to bring attention to the new Cybercrime Prevention Act. While most people simply complain, I find it more effective to rant. The Bill is "designed" to "protect" women from traffickers and sex slaves (as if it's a new phenomenon..duh) yet all it really does is eliminate an easy mechanism for what would have created jobs for webcams sexy like the linked site that is, assuming that the Bill will stop anything. I've got news for ya…prohibition does not work. Besides, I've done VTRs before for just 10 minutes and was losing my temper so I can only imagine what these girls go through. The Bill is trying to say that these girls were putting their shows on websites that are visible online in the Philippines.  Well...that's the COVER story for the reason for this law. Are there people out there who are dumb enough to believe this? Seriously? Then there's the part about libel and blah blah blah. It's just a bunch of busy-body-bureaucratic-bullshit from a gang of thugs and hypocrites that are running a "beta-test" for the West (who plan to do the same thing later after they see the outcome) if you ask me. Even if you don't ask me, you know where you can stick my opinion if you don't like it. I am really tired with these gangs with flags. The most ironic part is that these criminals in government are attempting to outlaw something that they hold most dear. Never forget, "Justice" = "Just US"…not THEM (you and me). Dammit. And here I was trying not to raise my blood pressure by blogging again...

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