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I get many interesting e-mails on a daily basis.  Often I spend more time answering e-mails than I do blogging.  It's because of this that my blog is not updated as often as it should be.  To offset this, I'm starting my mailbag section.  The most interesting or noteworthy e-mails will be written here.  Enjoy!

Here's one that illustrates some of my advice on meeting women actually does work!

Hello Kiana,

I am a devoted reader of your articles and have found them quite interesting, entertaining and sometimes, intriguing. I just wanted to let you know that what you are doing is very positive and deserves applauds. Though I don't always agree with you, I've always found your opinions very respectable, and to say the least, understandable.

I also wanted to thank you for a great advise about always taking a filipina friend with me when going out. I had realized that whenever I took a filipina friend out with me, I was turning into a "superstar" (we're talking about women, women and gay guys....)  but couldn't quite rationalize it. For sometimes now, whenever I came to Manila, I have always call on a filipina friend of mine "to show me around town". So whenever I was with her, and even when we went to the infamous "girlie bars", it seemed that the number of girls who either came to our table or were just staring at me tripled....I thought it was just an "unsusual night"...but, now I know why.

And a little complaint about your site: Can you make your contact (e-mail) more obvious? For a long time I thought you could not be contacted. And I was getting mad at you (lol)...and then when reading one of your articles in which you mentioned about people e-mailing you, I then searched more carefully, and was able to locate your e-mail.

Anyways, keep up the good work (I have stolen some of your articles and used them as research topics in my classes; I teach at a university here in Korea).

Have a great day!

Here's a nice piece of hate mail with the purpose, I guess, to make me mad.  After laughing, re-reading it and laughing again, I decided to publish it here to illustrate how insecure men become when girls like me stand up for ourselves.  I think he's Filipino based on his name and incredibly insecure based on his anger.  Some (not all) Filipino-American males are driven absolutely nuts when they see a strong-willed native Filipina due to the popular submissive stereotype perpetuated even in Filipino communities over there.  Many Fil-Ams come to Manila to look for a "traditional" Filipina.  What they find is that girls from Metro-Manila don't usually fit the stereotype.  For the educated and kind Fil-Am males (and other foreigner guys) out there, I don't think he represents you at all, so there's no need to apologize for his behavior.  This guy missed the point I've been making that I'm 100% independent and don't need a man to take care of me...not that he cares that I have a point.

I cannot beleive a Pinay living in the Philippines dares to speak so arrogantly about herself.

Men dont give a s*** what you think dear. We really dont.
I have been with hundreds of filipinas, some bargirls but mostly good girls.

Id take a bargirl over a girl like you any day.
I am a handsome young 31 year old male from CA, I dont tolerate the attitude of women in my own country and as I read your website, It made me sick, I felt like I was reading something a white bitch wrote.
(Someone has rejection issues!)

Your good looks wont last forever,
Shape up your attitude or no man will ever wish to be with you.
Maybe if you lived here in the US, You would be able to find a sucker, but in the Philippines lol, A guy will try to f*** you and if that doesnt work, he wont waste his time with you, Why would he, when there are so many Filipinas who are ready, willing and able to please a man as they should.

Here is an e-mail that basically illustrates why I post pictures on my website, and often why some of them are provocative.  It's to "lure you in".  Once you are visually stimulated, then you will find that I actually have something to say.  It was often that the pictures motivated many of you to read, whether you saw them in a good or bad way.

Dear Kiana,
Firstly I would like to say hi to you.
I originally came across your site, by accident, and to be quite honest did not really pay much attention to your writings, but really only focused on your photo's and your beauty. I must say you are very beautiful, and initially that is what caught my attention. I am being really honest here!
I know, another guy hitting on me!!! But wait! I then , after looking at all your photo's and fantasying, started to read your daily articles, and was really impressed. All of a sudden I forgot about how beautiful you are, and paid more attention to your writings. I must say you have a very intelligent approach to many of the issues in the Philippines. I have been to the Philippines many times, and lived in Cebu for a while. More recently I come for business about two to three times a year, and usually stay in Makati. By the way I live in Canada, and I am an importer of household products into Canada/USA.
I have a great interest and love for your country, and enjoy reading your view points on many of the issues that face your country. When I read your articles, I feel closer to your country and the daily issues that effect it.
Thank you for such interesting articles, and sorry I don't just stare at your pictures anymore, as I now look forward to your writings.

Due to (surprisingly) popular demand:  How you can contribute to my website.

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I'm writing this little blurb in protest on my pages to bring attention to the new Cybercrime Prevention Act.  It's designed to put a stop to ladies who perform yet still many sexy webcam women who struggle very hard. I've done VTRs before for just 10 minutes and was losing my temper so I can only imagine what they do. These girls were putting their shows on websites that are visible online in the Philippines.  Well...that's the COVER story for the reason for this law. Are there people out there who are dumb enough to believe this? Seriously? Then there's the part about libel and blah blah blah.  It's just a bunch of busy-body bureaucratic bullshit from a gang of thugs and hypocrites that are running a "beta-test" for the West (who plan to do the same thing later after they see the outcome) if you ask me.  Even if you don't ask me, you know where you can stick my opinion if you don't like it.  I am really tired with these gangs with flags.  The most ironic part is that these criminals in government are attempting to outlaw something that they hold most dear.  Never forget, "Justice" = "Just US"...not THEM (you and me).  Dammit.  And here I was trying not to raise my blood pressure by blogging again...

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