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*Don't read if you have not seen Episode III* Spoiler Alert!

There are some amazing blogs out there that talk about Star Wars theory.  Anyone who follows Star Wars knows that its die-hard fans treat "The Force" like a religion.  In addition, many individuals have attempted to dissect the characters and their motives, step-by-step.  In our modern, grey-area society, we often cheer the villains and boo the heroes in entertainment.  This is most often seen in wrestling.  Star Wars was always considered, by most, to be a "pure" form of entertainment, i.e. a classic struggle of good vs. evil where it's cool to cheer for good (in contrast to modern wrestling).  The Rebel Force and the Light Side of the Force were considered absolutely good while the Sith, the Empire, and the Dark Side of the Force were considered to be pure evil.  As I said earlier, there have been many bloggers, some seemingly brilliant, who attempt to "wake us up" to the fact that maybe we've had it backwards since Episode IV in 1977.  To them, it seems that the Dark Side and the Sith are actually good while the Jedi Counsel, Rebels, and the Republic are evil.  They attempt to draw parallels with modern political parties, and I believe this thinking to be misled as well since the Empire was an absolute dictatorship.  Anyone who made the slightest mistake was executed as we saw with the Admiral in Episode IV (leadership by example).  They illustrate that the Republic was corrupt and decadent, with no opportunity for hard working individuals to achieve anything great in their lives.  Corruption and mediocrity was the norm.

Count Dooku came along and tried to change things with the purpose of restoring transparency, integrity, and equality under the law.  It was later revealed that Count Dooku was influenced by the Dark Side to gain rapid power and influence necessary to create a separatist movement.  But even later we find that Count Dooku, a man with noble intentions who tried to clean up corruption and reform the Republic, was just as disposable as anyone else crushed by the Empire and Palpatine.

Rather than repeat verbatim what I've written on other sites, I'll just say the following:  Lucas is an absolute genius.  Many people are quick to marginalize his intelligence by saying that he, as a man who has become untouchably rich under capitalism, is the epitome of a hypocrite for promoting the pro-socialist themes we see in Star Wars.  But my beliefs are the opposite.  I think George Lucas wrote the storyline as he did on purpose to create this controversy.  He wanted to show that socialism/communism is no better than capitalism in their most pure forms.  Nobody with his experience could (or would) do something so obvious and "sloppy".  Many people I knew in the Philippines were questioning this even last week before this controversy has exploded online.  Why?  Because most Filipinos have lived through a "Republic" (now) and an "Empire" (Marcos - past).  The story of the Philippines (and even places like Iraq) is a spitting image of the Star Wars Universe, regardless of the order in which it took place.  It can even be said that the United States, at one time, was a "Rebel Alliance" when it broke free from the British Empire.

These "pro-Sith" writers have stated that everyone who hates the Sith and the Dark Side have been brainwashed and misled.  But the truth is that Lucas is getting the last laugh right now.  He has stirred up a hornet’s nest of misled intellectualsim and I promise that he did it on purpose.  This is precisely why he made the movies in this order.  The problem with these writers is that they have never seen the range of extremes in the "real world" like the 3rd world.  Here is where Lucas has an edge.  He has all of the time and resources in the world to discover everything and learn all of the lessons that the world has to offer.  He has taken all of these extremes as well as a touch of cyclical history and his vision was Star Wars.  As a result, many people have learned that there is no political solution that is "absolute".  They have learned that both the right and the left are too extreme in themselves.  There must always be a balance, and even good people can be made to look evil if they are tricked by an evil genius.  The look on Count Dooku's face before Anakin executed him said everything.  That was brilliant acting on the part of Christopher Lee which was the turning point of the series.  That scene showed us that all that mattered was the will of Palpatine.  It's also here that we see how the Sith plays everyone as his pawns.  We've been taken on a ride where we've seen a mirror of ourselves and how we'd act in certain situations when we were given a choice between our liberty and our family.  Many people believe that liberty is more important than death.  But if someone has convinced us that we must sacrifice love and family for the sake of freedom, we are already dead inside.

May 27th, 2005

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