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Foreigners think that Filipinos are the friendliest or kindest people in the world.  I can't begin to list all of the times that I've heard that when either I've asked what people like most about the Philippines or when the statement has been offered to me.  I have to laugh though since that is the epitome of a generalization and, for the most part, untrue.  I concede that yes, Filipinos treat people that they perceive to be "better" than themselves with the utmost respect and courtesy.  But that is the side that most of us only show to foreigners.  That is the definition of “colonial mentality”.  Most Filipinos who are not “Class A” will bow down and kiss the butts of anyone or openly admit their “unworthiness” to a given situation.  Sometimes it’s due to not wanting to lose a job…and I can understand their submissiveness.  But most of the time, it’s due to lack of self-confidence and self-respect.  Sometimes I joke that I want to be white…but not because I want to look “white”.  It’s because if you have Caucasian features, you can walk right past security guards without an anal probe.  (Most foreigners have no idea how guards treat non-foreigners when they aren't looking.)  It’s because you get incredible service in restaurants. (Most non-foreigners don’t tip more than P20 no matter what the check amount.)  It’s because people are afraid to act like snobs in your presence and follow your lead in the social graces.  (Even the “Class A” will treat the maids well in your presence.)

But the truth is, Filipinos are horrible to one another…and Filipino-Chinese are no better with the richest ones setting new standards in poor human relations.  We discriminate against one another in almost every situation.  If an “ordinary” looking person walks into an expensive furniture store, good luck to him or her in getting any kind of reasonable service.  Even if this customer makes a clear indication of buying, the sales person will not take them seriously, even after the purchase has been made.  The mentality of the salesperson is that the money was likely stolen or given to the buyer by their “Class A” boss.  “There’s no way this maid could afford this plasma television and I can’t.”  This attitude is projected to an even greater degree by the “Class A” or “old money” Filipinos or Filipino-Chinese.  They believe themselves to be superior and entitled by birth to their wealth.  Anyone who is a “1st generation” wealthy individual must have created their wealth through corruption or dishonest practices.  To them, it’s impossible they could be self-made through their intelligence and hard work through sheer brute force, since these “Class A” children were sucking on their parents nipples throughout every step of the way.  I’ve learned from my foreign friends that “old money” people usually hide their wealth and try to project themselves with the “new money” crowd…those who garner the most respect in the West.

I know the truth of what the “old money” individuals are thinking when the wine hits their brains and they are alone.  The thoughts rush into their brains of how they are a fraud and they have been born with every opportunity of which it is theirs to lose.  They are ashamed of how poorly they treat their servants and how inappropriately they tip their servers.  They fear poverty and servitude and do everything they can to take their wealth with them since they know they could never duplicate the success of their parents.  They hate their parents for being so wealthy, smart, and creating such a high standard for which they should aspire.  It’s so unfair…or is it?  They realize how hard life is here if you don’t have someone to give you the opportunity…and find yet another reason for self-loathing.  And if anyone ever criticizes these individuals…thar she blows…you will see anger and defensive behavior like you have never seen before.  Even if you take a shot in the dark, I guarantee that you will hit a critical spot in their psyche.

So why did I get on this topic?  It’s because I was highly entertained by someone this weekend.  She is the daughter of a developer of a high-rise.  The only reason I don’t name the high-rise or reveal her letter online is out of respect for her father.  Most of the time, the 1st generation wealthy parents are decent people and very humble while the kids (even as adults) are a self-centered and self-serving turds.  Honestly speaking, from experience, I’m positive that the building will not get its occupancy permit before July despite her claims (but quickly tried to pass the blame should it not be granted).  Furthermore, I know the area, and it’s not a place that I’d recommend to my readers.  It might be fine for Filipinos, but expatriating foreigners would not like the cess-pool that is the surrounding area…full of prostitutes, vagrants, and beggars.  Finally they don’t pay their brokers properly.  No less than 5 builders have offered me 4% commission for referrals.  She offers me 2% and blows her top when I call her on the three points I mentioned above, saying I know nothing about the complications about selling condos.  Uh…excuse me…but copying a “contract to sell” from an attorney and figuring out a mortgage from an online tool doesn’t take much more than someone of primate intelligence.  If she had nothing to hide or to be ashamed of, why should she reply at all or at least say that I’m wrong and respectfully disagree?  Instead I, as a “pathetic call center representative”, have no right to question she whose feces smell like roses.  Err..if I'm so pathetic, I wonder why she's e-mailing me to advertise her condominium?  Could it be because my site gets about 1300 unique visitors per day while her condo website has received about 2300 visitors since its inception sometime in 2003?  Ok... I admit that's probably an arrogant sounding shot that's probably too easy to take, but it's too damn funny (and argument justifying) not to do so.

She perfectly gave credence to the generalization above.  She thinks I have some kind of personal vendetta and am using my site to solicit help from suckers online.  Ok…if that’s true, why am I writing this now, and why have I written it like twice before?  It’s like I told her…I have nothing to hide, and her engrossing defensive tirade only exemplifies her level of insecurity and thinly-veiled inadequacy.

Girl, get over yourself.  I had fun at your expense and I openly admit it.  I’ve never had a person get so mad at something I consider to be easily brushed off.  If you're like me (since you're convinced you're better than me) with 50 e-mails unread e-mails in my inbox from mostly intelligent individuals, this should be no big deal.  As I said, if I’m totally wrong about everything I’ve said here, you could have done what I did, laughed, and said “thank you, but you’re incorrect, and here’s why.”

All you’ve done is given me some great material…and for that, I thank you.

May 25, 2005

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