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I love it.  So many are so convinced that they've figured out my personality.  And they do it so meticulously...with a complete profile comparing me to various individuals of historical precedence and even what I'm going to think tomorrow!  The truth is, sometimes I don't even know what I'm saying.  I'm a woman and it's called mood swings.  When I write things, I often come back and say, "Huh?!?  What the hell was I thinking when I said that?"  Sometimes I say things that obviously doesn't apply to everyone and I wish to take back since it offends a few people.  But blogging integrity insists that they stay as they are.  And so they do.  Over time, those individuals will come back...and they will read what I wrote again...and it will haunt them.  Later they will write to me again stating that they wanted to apologize for trying to stop me from expressing myself.  As I've always said, I'm not here to make friends.  I'm here to speak the truth to the best of my ability.  I don't expect everyone to love me.  In fact, I expect most closed minded individuals to hate me and wish to shut me down or up...whatever the case may be.  Luckily, most people who disagree do so graciously, accepting the fact that opinions may vary, and don't necessarily affect the molding of an opinion against someone.  Politics are politics.  I hate the fact that Filipinas have to work as GRO's to pay for their parents' 12 kids in the provinces.  Keep it in your pants pare and give your daughter a chance..  I hate the fact that there's a guy sitting outside of the brand-spankin'-new 1322 high-rise in shorts with 3 pesos in his hand and 5 teeth in his mouth who can't even get a job sweeping the sidewalk since the guards will hit him with a billy-club if he approaches a convenience store.  That's life here.  For all of you people who think that socialist programs can solve the problems in this country, you can all kiss my ass.  Taxes support socialism, and only the success of capitalism can generate your taxes.  If the amount of taxes only cover the interest on our debts, where will we get the money to pay for our programs?  If our taxes are too high, how will we attract foreign investors?  You all can have your opposing political viewpoints, but until you get your Dorito-stuffed-fat-1st-world-ass off of your computer chair and set foot onto my cock-roach infested soil and "WALK THE WALK" for more than 2 weeks instead of touring the city and chasing bar girls, I don't want to hear your mouth.  Shut your hole before I stick my foot into it.  I'm small but I'm strong...don't try me tubby.

I can count my friends on one hand and I prefer to keep it that way.  Don't think that you all can save the world while playing arm-chair politician and don't think that I'll bow down and kiss your ass "over coffee" (I prefer beer) just to hear your silly scheme for whatever you have in mind.  I don't need you as a friend or a sponsor.  Save it for the provincial sucker-girls who chase your Dollars.  I'm not your powder-puff Filipina cheerleader who will rah-rah your every attempt to show me what you bought on credit.  Broke bastard.  The bank owns you....you own nothing.  That's the only thing that separates the 1st world from the 3rd world...your good credit.  Keep that in mind next time you try to impress us Filipinas from the city...we're on to you.

May 14th, 2005

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