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A reader pointed out a missing aspect in my previous entry about mismatches with respect to age here in the Philippines.  He is a foreigner working in a call center.  His observation, correctly so, was that it's not just much older men matched with young girls that stands out here in society.  Furthermore he asked me why I focused on it since there are plenty of equally glaring pairings that you can see on a regular basis in Makati.  The answer at first escaped me, but after reflecting, the reason I wrote the piece was a subliminal response to all of my frustrated readers who come here for business and get solicited by prostitutes or men trying to take them to a whorehouse.  It's also for the men who met their wives when they were much younger (her in her early 20's and him in his 30's when they met) who now are unfairly grouped into the "dirty old man" stereotype by the younger generation and the old wives club.  That was supposed to be in your defense.  That is one of the biggest frustrations that foreigners face when coming here for a non-sexual vacation or when here on business.  There are plenty of men here who just mind their own business when they are here.  If they meet a nice girl along the way, it's often because the girl was the one who wanted to meet him.  Disparity of age or wealth have nothing to do with their relationship.  You can usually tell how the man falls into the situation...made apparent in the articulation of his writings to me.

So to fairly balance the equation, I must say that the Philippines is a country of mismatches.  Everywhere you look you see very handsome men with dumpy girls who have all of the personality of a bloated toad.  Also, you have the DOM phenomenon as I spoke of before.  In addition to the DOMs, you also have very obese or nerdy guys with supermodels on their arms (of similar age but a product of wealth disparity).  Finally, there's the gay phenomenon.  This is one of the most underground of all the mismatches, but if ignored, I'm doing the truth a great disservice.  Basically one of the biggest problems seen in the Philippines is predatory gay men who use their money to seduce young straight men.  Recently there have been countless exposés on TV (as I've been told) that catalog the huge list of abuses recently reported.  Furthermore, I asked many of my gay friends about this and they say that indeed it's a big problem here.  Many of them, while gay themselves, at one point or another have been confronted by a rich gay DOM who has flashed money or opportunity in their face in exchange for sexual favors.  The amount of material I have could keep me writing for days on this.  Unfortunately the limiting factor is time.  So I challenge all of my readers to keep an eye out for it next time you visit or be aware of the problem while you are here.  This is one of those times when it's not just the girls I'm trying to empower...sometimes the guys need a little help too.

May 8th, 2005

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