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My apologies for being behind on my e-mails and my site.  Yes, I said how I would have more free time to focus on it, but that apparently turned into a little white lie.  Oh well, at least it's for a good cause.  I was asked to guest pose at a local bodybuilding show.  Actually myself and a few other girls were up there but it was a complete surprise.  It wasn't for bodybuilding, but rather for a "figure" show that will be produced in the future.  Apparently I'll be one of the pioneer competitors in the industry over here.  Finally an alternative to the unhealthy (and frankly boring) beauty pageant scene...figure is here!  Furthermore, I'm probably going to help in the production.  This is in addition to a TV show I'm trying to produce.  Yes, you've read correctly...my life has taken a dramatically different turn lately.  This is completely unrelated to my site BTW...for now.  As these events unfold, I'll be sure to post them.  In fact, I hope to make the series available to my readers online.  While some of it will be in the Filipino language, it will also be narrated in English for my international readers.  With any luck, maybe I'll be able to get it on the air in the West.  If the interest in my site is any indication, the Western world would welcome this show with at least some degree of fascination.  And that's my angle...I want to show the world exactly how challenges can be overcome by ordinary people if they just put their minds to it.  For my Western viewers, I would hope that they could see just how much harder some people have to work to be extraordinary.  I need to be clear that this show will not be about me.  I'll be involved, but the focus will be on other people who have a dream to change their lives.  All most people need is a firm push in the right direction and great things will blossom from there.  All it takes is for them to accept that if others can do what it takes to be extraordinary why can't they do the same?

May 6th, 2005

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