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Due to (surprisingly) popular demand:  How you can contribute to my website.

I’ve been away for a long time.  I’ve not been far, but I’ve had many problems and issues that I have had to deal with.  One of my family members has been in trouble.  No, I’m not requesting help or assistance in any way, but I’m saying it so I don’t get a bunch of stupid e-mails trying to “read between the lines” of what I’m saying here.  I've had a ton while I've been away.

The reason I am saying this is that I still am receiving e-mails from people; in fact many have piled up over the past 3 weeks, asking how guys can meet me for whatever reason…mostly inappropriate requests for “service”.  Now I realize that I’m not the smartest person in the world and even less of a profound writer if you place me on a measuring stick that sizes up the greatest slingers of the mighty pen, but it’s getting ridiculous with respect to the e-mails I receive.

I’ve spelled it out before on another one of my pages where guys can meet Asian women, and especially where they can meet women who are on the “loose” side rather than have to repeat myself over and over in e-mail.  I’ll even say it again, and on another version of their site from the one I listed.  It’s called Adult Friend Finder.  The other version I have on the site is the Passion version.  I tried to list the “cleaner” version of the site for the sake of taste, but I obviously didn’t spell it out clearly enough for those who are looking for escorts in Manila or anywhere else in the Philippines.  If you want escorts or “bad girls”, go to Adult Friend Finder.  It’s not a porn site.  It’s a personal ads site for people of “adult” age who are looking for “adult services”, or those who are into the whole swingers’ scene.  Believe it or not, I’ve been out and was asked to join a party.  And these were Filipinos who were asking me.  Yes, we are conservative here, but obviously Filipinos understood the inside jokes in Austin Powers.

So go to Adult Friend Finder and stop asking me questions about where you can meet horny girls.  Stop sending me lewd pictures thinking that I have not seen it before.  With some non-creative keyword searches, I’ll be much more impressed, I promise you…so knock it off.  It does nothing for me.  Go to the website and there you’ll find Filipinas who want to “cut to the chase”.  I won’t lie, since there are tons of Filipinas who are involved, one way or another, in the “adult” related industry.  While I don’t approve of how they make their living, I am the last individual who will insult their (often low) intelligence and tell them that they can support their 9 brothers and sisters by working at Jollibee.

So here are the new e-mail rules for the site:

1)     Business related e-mails will be answered as fast as possible.

2)     If you want to say something nice, please do, but keep it as short as possible.

3)     PLEASE do not tell me your life story.  Some of these literally take 20 minutes to read…time I don’t have anymore.

Whew…now that everything is back to “normal” (whatever that means), hopefully I can catch up.

BTW…did everyone notice how much PLDT and the market in general went up since I last recommended it?  For those who took my advice, you owe me dinnerJ

August 17th, 2005

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