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It's amazing how some people read so much into my site and believe that either I'm judging them or would do so in a negative manner should I know them personally.  I don't understand their insecurity.  The fact is, much of what I write about men, both positive or negative is what most girls from the Philippines cities are thinking.  What I write applies to both foreigners and native men as well.  To be more specific about what started this post is the e-mails that say "if you met me you'd probably think (negative perception) because I'm (negative personal situation)."  Well what makes you say that?  The only people that would deserve that kind of judgment are those who accept their fate.  Have you ever heard of the "poverty mentality"?  It basically states that you are either broke or you are poor.  Being "broke" is temporary while accepting "poverty" to describe you is forever.

I can't tell you how many Filipinos, both guys and girls who are convinced that they are destined to be poor.  If you try to tell them exactly what is needed here in the Philippines, initially they get excited and want to know how they too can make extra money or start a new career.  But once they find out the effort required to pull themselves out of poverty, they sigh and plop down in front of the TV in defeat to catch the latest episode of "Eat Bulaga".  While we're on that topic, I'll tell you that I never watch TV.  In fact, I don't have a TV where I live.  Stereo yes, TV no way.  The stupid Filipino television shows shown constantly on our various networks are one of the reasons our people have no motivation to pull themselves out of mediocrity.  These shows basically brainwash our youth into believing that the only way to get ahead is by winning a singing, dancing, or beauty contest.  So that's what so many of our talented youth do...aspire to be one of the singing-dancing idiots on TV.  If you win, maybe you'll get a contract to be part of the Viva Hot Babes or the Sex Bomb girls.  Screw that.  Last year a friend of mine was setting up a new female dance troupe...I think the group of girls he setup is called "The Bodies".  I'm not 100% sure that's his group since he only asked me once to join and I haven't spoken to him since I declined.  Sure, they're famous now and the girls get paid well, but why would I want to be part of something so temporary and something I'm so against?  I'd be surrounded by singing-dancing dummies 16 hours per day on the set and have to sign autographs for little girls and pose with horny guys.  No thanks.  If you ever see me involved with a dance troupe, it will be with me as the producer.

In addition, these TV shows hurt our image as a nation.  How can investors take us seriously if they see us as a bunch of singing-dancing fools?  When everyone rushes out after work to attend a fiesta or a KTV bar when the work is so far away from being completed, how will we ever get ahead?  So many questions unanswered by our leaders, but I suppose that's how they want it.  As long as our culture is obsessed with celebrity, there will be always enough people who line up to work as their driver for less than $5 per day.

April 28th, 2005

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