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I'm no longer consulting full-time with call centers.  Only part-time now.  I've generated enough side work through my site, fixing paperwork and selling condos to keep me busy for a very long time.  I also hope to spend more time on my site, justified mainly because enough people find me entertaining enough, good or bad, to check back on a regular basis.  I've always believed that a written account of yourself and your experiences is the best resume you can have, both in gaining friends as well as business contacts.  I've tried to be as straightforward as I can about my thoughts.  Along the way, I've managed to gain a large number of fans as well as my share of detractors.  A few girls absolutely hate me and are grinding their teeth trying to figure out a way to discredit me or shut me up.  Well your money, connections, or fame isn't going to shut me down anytime soon (like it can to local newspapers) girls so you might as well stuff it.  Post whatever you want and create whatever controversy you want about me on other websites...it's annoying, but you won't stop me from expressing myself.

Everyone wishes that they could find a way to make money doing what they love to do.  In a way, I'm beginning to do that right now.  I can communicate with an unlimited number of people yet still have my privacy.  I'm both an entertainer and a businesswoman.  People have decided to trust my brain and my competence through what I write.  They come to me with a local problem stating that they don't know where to turn.  I've done my best to help them, or at least get a trusted friend to help them.  Again, it's just small tasks like taking paperwork to Immigration, selling condominium units, or call center consulting, but the little income adds up very quickly.  Obviously it won't allow me to retire anytime soon, but it's a good start.

One question I'd like answered though...why is it that millions of men go to Cindy Margolis' website all the time with no realistic dream of meeting her and don't question her motives for posting pictures of herself, but because I'm Filipina, a few of my male readers automatically assume I'm secretly trying to meet men?  Racism comes in many discreet forms...

April 24th, 2005

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