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I'll be a day or two late on my pictures...don't shoot me since I've been busy and pissed off about something personal.  I got another e-mail from a guy about to come here to meet some girls he met online.  I swear I can't make this stuff up nor can I not publish it...the material is too good.  My replies are in powder blue, his in black:

I found your site entertaining and I just wanted to share it with you. You certainly are opinionated, well spoken and beautiful. I have always known that Asian women are the most beautiful, you are preaching to the choir there. I have made that argument so many times it's funny. Some white guys will argue with me, but I think it's just because they have white girl friends.  Anyway, I am faced with a dilemma, which you won't be able to share your opinion in time, because I am off to the PI on Tuesday! I am talking to two girls, which is against my ethics. I did not expect to be in this position, because I know it's not fair to either of them... but regardless of that, I am here now.

You're not committed to either of these girls so what's the problem? Think of it this way...if one is not what she claimed to be, at least you have a back-up plan. Don't be surprised if they have one. Wouldn't you feel stupid to get into an argument with one of the girls on the first day and then roam around aimlessly for a week? That's a lot of airline and hotel money out the window...

They are completely different. One I know would make me happy, because she is smart, beautiful, faithful, educated and supportive. She comes from a good upbringing and I would bet my house she is a virgin - not that that has anything to do with my liking her. It just reflects on her values.  The other girl, I know has been with multiple partners. She is not college educated. She had a very poor upbringing - deserted by her father and her mother died when she was still in high school. She smokes... which I absolutely hate. She clubs until 4 or 5 AM every night, but swears she would never think about cheating on me. I really believe her though.

I wouldn't believe her as far as I could throw her.  The only bars open that late at night are girly bars and KTV bars. Girls who work there are paid by the bars to get foreigners to come here by seducing them online. Smoking means nothing about her character because most people here smoke to show that they can afford it.

I think she is a product of what she was dealt in life and I feel sorry for that. I think she could love if loved. I really want to change her life. She is beautiful but really doesn't think she is. I think she is the most beautiful Asian I have seen - and that makes her the most beautiful girl in the world.

Oh boy...I've heard this one before...the hooker with a heart of gold. Let me be clear here that I'm only playing devil's advocate, but as one of my readers said recently, you can take the girl out of the bar, but you can't take the bar out of the girl. You might be correct and she might be exactly as you hope she is. But be warned that it usually doesn't work out that way. These girls get addicted to the quick money they can make by messing with the male mind. Once they get into a relationship with you and you start to falter in giving them everything they want or demand, they'll get someone who will do so...or at least someone on the side.

Let's say you get back to the States. At first, she's satisfied with your SUV. But one night you go out and she sees a Porsche 911. She asks you why you don't have a Porsche. You say that they're not practical and, more honestly, financially out of reach. To me, that makes sense. To her, she'll only accept that if the owner of the car doesn't look at her twice when she "accidentally" bumps into him at the bar. If he smiles at her, good luck. She'll "know" what she's worth.

So, I am going there to meet them both. At least, I think I am. I am meeting the one with the worse upbringing first. I am uncontrollably drawn to her. But I also wonder if I am doing the wrong thing. I could go with the smart, undoubtedly faithful, educated and beautiful girl, or go with the girl who was dealt the bad cards and hope she would let me change her life for the better.

Always take the good girl. She might be boring at first, but she'll open up when you get to know her. Filipinas can adapt.

We have a saying in the US... "You can take the girl out of the club, but you can't take the club out of the girl". Do you believe that?

That's eerie...I guess I should have read your e-mail fully. It looks like you already have a premonition.

Or do you think a girl who only knows how to be sexy can become a lady and a faithful partner if she meets a man who will love her unconditionally.

It's not worth the risk if you ask me. Better safe than sorry...don't become a statistic.  Besides...being sexy is about learning.  If you want her to be sexy, give her time to learn what turns you on.  You never know...she could be an animal once you get to know her.  She won't show her other side until she trusts you.  The other girl is sexy because it works for her to get what she wants out of men.

I just know that the "good" girl will easily find a quality spouse to take care of her. I would rather be the knight and rescue the damsel in distress.  What are your thoughts?

Yea...every guy has that fantasy. But unless you are a high-roller who cares more about his money than his woman, be prepared for a disaster. To a girl like her, your attention bores her. She wants a bad-boy who gives her a challenge. It sounds like you are a smart, nice guy, but with a reckless streak. Don't bite off more than you can chew. How much is enough money for her? Well, I don't know what you own or how much you make, but I'll base it on what I've heard most social climbing Filipinas like her want:

1) Eat out every night of the week.

2) Go out drinking 3-4 times per week.

3) Live in a big house, i.e. 4-5 bedrooms with a pool, but also have a rest condo that overlooks the city or the ocean...you know...a place within walking distance of the action.

4) A new SUV.

5) A luxury car...BMW, Mercedes, or Jaguar.

6) An allowance of about $3000 per month. You don't actually expect her to give up her party-girl ways and go back to nursing school do you? Easy money and afternoon shopping is her way of life. Do you know how much these KTV girls make? P50,000 per month is reasonable and the cost of living is 5-10 times less than the States...you do the math to what that translates into where you are from.  Japanese and Koreans love to drop money in their lap. That would pay for a year of Ateneo Law School or nursing school here.  I'm sure she has an idea what strippers make in your city and probably wouldn't hesitate to jump at the chance.

P.S. If you do print any portion of this, please leave out name and location - or change them :)

Wow...very perceptive that I'd use this e-mail...I'm sure it will help many others other than yourself! Good luck when you get here!  Keep in mind I don't know the party-girl and I'm only basing this on what I've learned over the years.  It's almost like a game of Russian Roulette.

April 18th, 2005

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