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I lost it in an e-mail yesterday.  Based on what was said to make me lose my temper to such a degree was clear and I make no apologies for what I said.  The guy deserved what he had coming, and probably had it coming for years.  He is the epitome of almost everything I hate, that’s right, hate about certain foreigners.  Now before I go further, I don’t hate any group of people on purpose.  But there’s a certain type of foreigner that preys on Filipinos and it's the wealth of their nation that allows them to do so.  What makes them the one of the worst of the bunch is that they have no clue about how the things that they do are so wrong and can’t smell the verbal diarrhea that spews from their mouth.  In this case, this guy has been married to a Filipina in the States for years.  I can’t imagine living in her shoes, having to listen to this bag of wind talk for hours but never make an educated point.  I can’t imagine the sacrifice she must have made to gain a “better life” in the States and the bigoted insults she must secretly endure.  The case like this one is exactly why I’d never marry into security.  Perhaps she’s perfectly happy, but somehow I suspect otherwise.  Tita, before you get mad at me, you notice I didn’t use your name or the name of your husband.  Your secret is safe with me.

You can educate an ignorant person, but a stupid person has no hope.  A stupid person is a bigot who can’t be educated.  Their mind is made up.  To Filipinos, we say, “you can’t bend an old bamboo.”  Just because you come from a certain minority group doesn’t excuse you to say ignorant and senseless things.  I’m sure your people had it bad before, but people have it just as bad or worse in the world now.  There are people in the world right now who are not protected from daily beatings on the “job”.  There are people right now in the 3rd world who are handed over by their own mothers to sexual predators or pedophiles from the 1st world.  There are still slaves in a “free” society…only the definitions have changed.

So what made me so mad is that this individual decided to “educate me” on the “truth” about how the USA is indeed so innocent and self-contained.  Again, I’ve heard both sides of the case from Americans far smarter than him as well as from my own research.  But this individual seems to think that his years in a factory with his public high school education and his years of “being hassled by the Man” make him more informed than some of the most world renowned economists.  To further clarify my anger against his stupidity, it’s due to the fact that stupid people don’t know the limitations to their knowledge.  I’ve met some absolutely brilliant people who point out their own limitations freely.  Many of them claim to be stupid themselves.  “Stupid compared to who?” is always my question to them since they make me feel like I have the learning curve of an impotent snail.

This individual basically claimed that if the USA stopped importing products assembled in Asia and deported all of the illegal Mexicans who make $1 per day on US farms and from washing dishes, Americans would be doing just fine and dandy and could pick up the slack.  Yet he offers no reason why neither political party in the USA deports the millions of hard-working Mexicans or makes outsourcing stop.  They all talk about it, but they never do anything about it…because they know the US economy would collapse without 3rd world labor.  The unemployment rate in the States is so low, and you can't find people to push a mop for $2 over minimum wage in many cities.  I've heard that the minimum wage there is $6 or so, but the standard wage can be twice that amount.  There’s a reason why the US Navy parks its aircraft carriers in-between the Straits of Taiwan to stop China from invading while nobody interferes with the civil wars of Central Africa, and anybody with common sense knows why…and it’s not because of racism.

Well I’m tired of fighting with him and I frankly can’t believe I wasted so much time on him.  But again, I have a weakness for stupid people.  These are the >50% of the 1st world population who take all of the credit for the greatness of their nations, but can’t locate the nations capital on a map.  These are the people who think the whole world is rosy and people like me are the product of brainwashing.  These are the people described in “A Few Good Men” who “don’t wanna know” the truth about what goes on in the world outside of their borders.  They feel that they have a God given right to their wealth and it could never possibly be yanked away from them.  They feel that they deserve the credit for the hard work and planning that was done by their bosses behind closed doors.

I’m not talking about conspiracy theory.  I’m talking about facts and economic figures that I’ve been shown by owners of American outsourcing companies here.  These same individuals have taught me exactly how the 3rd world depends on and is also exploited by the 1st world.  They further taught me how the US economy would collapse without Mexican immigrants and outsourcing.  Why do they tell me?  It’s therapy for them.  They feel that as long as they are honest about the way the USA is so rich, secure, and allows such opportunity to its citizens to be something other than a line worker at a shoe factory, they can have a clear conscience.  In return, people from the 3rd world have jobs we desperately need.  I can only commend them for their honesty…especially since these men and women are filthy rich off the backs of the 3rd world.  The average 1st world slob can’t comprehend that these people are the ones who allow him or her to sink money into the stock market at age 25 and have millions of dollars upon their retirement.  They don’t care to know how the money got there or why.  They can’t understand how big shoe companies can make hundreds of millions in profit just by selling sneakers.  They just think it was made through the work of some jolly Wal-Mart workers singing the “buy American, be American” theme song.

I don’t fault a nation on their wealth…but at least be honest about it.  Even if you don’t have employees, there’s always someone doing a job for you that you don’t have to do because your country is rich.  You should always thank God for that.

April 12th, 2005

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