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We Filipinos have been the underdogs for centuries.  We've withstood 400 years of Spanish colonial rule, followed by the USA, then Japan, then back to the USA again, who finally gave us our independence.  Very few countries have been subject to such a geographical and political tug-of-war and still managed to ride it out with a smile on our faces.  That said, people need to be aware that just because Filipinas are smiling, you don't know fully what we are thinking.  Sure, most of us are happy-go-lucky like most people in the world and want to be left alone.  But that doesn't mean that you can talk down to us and we won't go home and stick pins into a Voo-Doo doll that oddly resembles you.  The reason that I'm talking about this topic is because it seems that many foreigners just don't understand the way that the Filipina mind works.  They think that they can say a bunch of kind words followed by a some arrogant and bigoted ones and the words will cancel each other out.  Others think that even though I write clearly and coherently, I still have the ability to read between the lines and understand their sexual innuendos equal to a 1st grader watching classic Looney Tunes with his father.  "Daddy...what's so funny?!?"  Well it doesn't work that way guys.  We girls listen to every word that you say and we take mental notes even if we pretend not to understand.  This is especially true for Filipinas married to foreigners.  Just because we let you blow of steam with the enthusiasm of Howard Stern doesn't mean we're agreeing with what you are saying, regardless of whether or not we object.  It's just that we are trained to be patient and reserved, being a product of 400+ years of a culture that has learned to "go with the flow" until the newest and more exciting thing comes along.

Before I go on, this post is in reaction to a couple of e-mails to which I've responded in the last few days.  But be aware that I've answered about 60 e-mails over the past 3 days so the idea that this is in response to any one person is probably incorrect.  The people that I've had debates with through mail already know my stance on their issues, so this is definitely not in response to them.  It is, however, in response to those who, even after reading all of my posts, still think I'm some sort of powder-puff pushover that will bow down and kiss your ass just because you live in the 1st world and make (FOR NOW) more money than I do.

So here's the truth about Filipina girls:  We're not impressed by where you come from or how much money that you make.  If we look excited about your money or your status, it's because we are thinking about how quickly we can get you to break your bank account on our petty desires or our battalion of cousins' college education.  Especially for you (much) older or no-so-attractive-guys, if we agreed to go out on a date with you for God knows what reason, watch us every minute because the minute you drop your eyes we'll be checking out the cute butt on that local guy who has been eyeing us in the corner.  I can't tell you how many girls I know who date men just to get free food at the hip new restaurant.

What I've written is mostly due to my observations here in Makati.  I listen and watch the world when I'm trying to forget my hectic life.  Many Filipinas take the "easy way out" and I'm left cleaning up the mess of how the rest of the male (and often female) world views us.  But these are my observations.  Don't patronize me and don't think that just because I'm a Filipina, I do what the .001% of the population is seen doing in Makati or Malate.  I'm not your tour guide nor will I be one.  I'm not your unpaid errand girl.  I won't just drop everything (I was asked this weekend!) and meet you at Greenbelt.  If you actually see me in person, don't think that you can come up to me and I'll start singing the Philippine tourism anthem and we'll dance around the maypole doing the Safety Dance.  You all don't get it do you....I DON'T KNOW YOU!  I'M A WOMAN AND IT'S NOT SAFE TO MEET PEOPLE I DON'T KNOW!  I'M NOT A CELEBRITY AND I DON'T OWE YOU MY TIME!  ARRGGGHHH!

So how was your weekend?

April 11th, 2005

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