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I was a tomboy most of my life.  I’d always love to compete with the boys to prove that I was just as good, if not better, than they were.  I always believed myself to be the fastest runner of the girls in my school as well as faster than most of the boys.  I’d dress the part as well, wearing baggy clothes and t-shirts to go along with my short haircut.  In college, even many of the lesbians became attracted to me because they thought I might be a “butch”.  That was not my intention since I’m neither a lesbian, nor do I have bi-sexual tendencies.  I know that’s probably a let-down to many of the guys who are lurking at my site, hoping to find something that places me into the “porn” category.  I’m too competitive with other girls to look at them in a way having anything to do with sex.

I’m still a tomboy in a way.  I love to watch American football in a tank-top while drinking beer and eating junk food.  Yes, I realize that it clashes with my fitness persona, but I never claimed to be “holier than thou” when it comes to my cheat days.  Furthermore, I lift heavier weights than most of the Filipino guys at the gym.  Everyone watches me bang through my favorite exercise, the dead-lift.  The result is some mild calluses on the palms of my hands.  At first, I thought that I should wear gloves to protect my hands.  When I show them to most guys I know, they are actually impressed!  The same guys tell me that my rougher than normal hands show character in girls and actually are a turn-on to them.

I don’t know exactly what to make of this.  My guess is that most guys prefer a balance of masculine and feminine in their girls.  It’s also probably why most guys find it easier to talk to me instead of most other girls.  They can relate to me because I do things that usually only guys do.  My gay friends say that men find me sexy because I don’t whine or show weakness like most women.  This is especially true for my bi-sexual guy friends.  The men say that they are bi-sexual because Filipinas are often overly feminine and they need the “strength” of a man from time to time.  Maybe that’s also why these same gay male friends, after hanging out with me for awhile tell me that they think that they are turning into a “lesbian”!  Men here are gay for so long that they believe themselves to be “female”.  Whatever the case, doing male activities definitely increases your dating potential.  It also explains why my overly tall, skinny model type friends spend quite a bit of time wondering why nobody calls them on a Friday night.

March 11th, 2005

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