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I have received many e-mails over the last few weeks encouraging me…and in some cases, nearly begging me to keep up the intensity in my writings.  I can assure my faithful readers that I don’t plan to stop the flow of ideas anytime soon.  These e-mails give me insight as well into the male mind and girls could learn a great deal by listening to what I’m about to say.  Their e-mails further teach me that girls talk all of the time…to each other.  To most men, women overall are deafeningly quiet.

In other words, these men are begging me to keep up my intensity because there are so few women, especially non-feminists/activists of Asian heritage, with the ability to express themselves in a logical and public manner.  Feminists and activists try to be logical, but they typically fail miserably to make their point in any way that fits into mainstream society due to their quickness to condemn and inability to control their emotions.  I've read enough of these sites by Asian girls who want to express their angst, yet come off as even more nuts than the people about whom they rant.  Their opinions are typically regulated to the internet graveyard of Yahoo Geocities websites that have not been updated since they graduated college in the summer of 1998.

Men crave for strength with a feminine twist.  It’s like they found their long lost sister who used to play with them in the mud until she discovered makeup, clothes, perfume, boys, and competition (over things aforementioned) with other women.  Once her priorities changed so does most of her ability to get dirty like a tomboy and think the part.  Estrogen and progesterone took over her mind and made emotions to be the greatest influence of her consciousness.  I’ve also been asked questions about whether or not my ability to “take crap from nobody” results in most men being afraid of me.  The answer is yes and no.  For intelligent and thoughtful men, i.e. most who write me e-mails of encouragement, I’d say that my ability to express myself makes me more approachable in their eyes.  Furthermore, they treat me like a sister rather than an object.  Sure, there are sexist remarks slipped in every now and again, but I believe that’s forgivable as just unconscious ignorance.  The problem with sexual harassment is that most men don’t realize that they do it.  It takes a mother or sister figure to point it out to them.  The majority of men want to “act properly” around women, but very few girls take the time to teach them.  Think of it as bad breath.  You can brush and floss your teeth, but still have bad breath.  Of course, none of the girls (or guys) you meet tells you explicitly that you are doing something wrong until your sister tells you that you stink.  At that point you are embarrassed, thinking only of the bad impressions you have made all day.  You’d give anything to rewind the tape of life.

The men who would normally view most women like me as just unthinking, unfeeling objects are repelled by me and choose not to write.  If they were to meet with me in person, they probably wouldn’t have the slightest idea of what to say to me.  These are the same men that otherwise wouldn’t normally think twice about approaching me on the street with a “hey baby” attitude.  Again, either they close their browser after the first paragraph of my writings, or they read in awe, hardly believing that girls like me actually exist.  But I believe that they would be the first to follow me if I was nominated to lead.

The truth is that most girls feel the same way that I express here.  The difference is that they are too shy or feel awkward saying it directly or have no idea where to begin if asked.  It’s an emotional block, but if you give them time to write out their thoughts, the truth often comes pouring out.  So for all of you guys out there with a wife or a girlfriend, send her an e-mail and ask her personal questions.   If she comes to you and asks why you sent her an e-mail, tell her that you won’t discuss it in person…she has to respond in writing.  You’ll be surprised with what you discover about her by her answers.

March 2nd, 2005

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