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I'm so fed up with listening to my female co-workers in the office talk about how they want to look like white girls.  I don't understand this perpetual colonial mentality.  I know my share of white girls, and believe it or not, many of them wish they looked like Asian girls.  They tell me that so many men from the West are Asian crazy.  I wish I could find where I read it, but a long time ago I heard that for every single Asian girl in the States, there are like 50 men vying for her affection!  I wish it was like that here.  In beauty contests here, you don't even have to be pretty or have a good body to win.  If you have white features and all of the other girls are more "Filipina" looking, you could just pick up your trophy and go home and nobody would challenge you.  It's ridiculous.  Of course, nobody wants to bust their butts in the gym to look good.  I'm surrounded by "Barangay Princesses" who want their "Prince Charming" to sweep them off their feet and take them away to their castle in the sky, complete with a full service cosmetic surgeon to wait on them day and night.  Bigger boobs, bigger butt, and a bigger nose?  No problem.  Full body liposuction?  Coming right up ma'am!  Sometimes I wonder if they want to have all of this surgery to have an excuse not to work out.  "Oh I'm still recovering...I can't possibly join the gym."

You all who are reading this probably think I'm exaggerating.  I wish that was true.  The first thing young starlets do when they start to get movie and modeling contracts is go out and start eating and drinking.  Once the pounds start piling on their young bodies, they don't hesitate to publicly turn to one of our local "superstar" cosmetic surgeons for their first "lipo".  Many more are to follow in addition to other "enhancements".  Sometimes I wonder who is more famous...the celebrities or their doctors.  A couple of the cosmetic surgeons have done so much work on our bigger celebrities that these doctors are household names...more famous than their mega-clients.  What is the result of the surgery?  Of course it is to look like white girls.  No matter how good they looked before, it was never enough.  Say goodbye to your tiny Asian nose while saying hello to a strong and pointy bridged one.  It's also common to see girls get hip jobs and butt jobs that are grotesque to say the least.  But the status symbol is apparent and only the opinion of other girls matters.  The opinions of their boyfriends and husbands be damned!  Personally, I think the men here are too shocked to speak their minds or don't understand the possession that has taken over their girls.  One time I was at a nightclub and saw a girl on her 12th minute of fame who had the most awful looking butt job that I have ever seen.  It didn't look like she could sit down without rolling off the chair like a bowling ball.  It look like it must have hurt terribly!  A guy friend had to restrain me from literally walking up to her and demanding that she sue her doctor for malpractice.  Now I'm not against cosmetic surgery, believe it or not.  I think it's a great thing to correct serious bodily defects or to increase self esteem, as long as what is done looks natural.

But then again, regardless of how I look through hard work or how grotesque these girls become after 10 procedures, my opinion means nothing to them since I'm "just an office worker".

January 12th, 2005

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