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Yelloh girls, written by Kiana Garcia, a Filipina from Manila, Philippines (that's me on the banner) will return to identify the issues of growing up and living as an Asian woman in the world of today.  Actually I'm just one of those Asian girls who likes to speak her mind.  This isn't some sort of sex site, so don't get any wrong ideas.  I might talk about sex from time to time in a non-graphic way, but that's about all you will get.  Ok, maybe you will get some seductive looking photos, but that's only to show the true beauty of the Asian woman.  Taking pictures is one of my hobbies.  The purpose of my site to hopefully empower and educate girls (and teach men about us) about both their inner and outer strength and beauty in this non-Asian dominated world today through my example of body and spirit.  I believe that our most powerful asset as modern Asian women is the freedom of our minds and the power of the internet.


As most of you know by now, I'm a Filipina, living and working in Manila, Philippines. More specifically, I work in a call center. A call center is a place where you call from the West looking for information, thinking you are talking to someone from the West.  Actually you are talking to a Filipino or someone else from other Asian countries who knows how to disguise their native English accent or talk with an accent from your native country like the UK, Australia, USA, or Ireland.

My anger started today with spam in my inbox talking about how I can make $45 per hour in medical transcription.  Furthermore, I came across many ads while researching the internet claiming to pay people $50-150 per hour to do medical transcription from home. $50-150 per hour? Are they insane or just stupid? The conclusion is neither.  I did a little bit of research using the keywords "medical transcription" and "work from home" in the search engines. It turns out that there are a huge number of websites out there looking to take your money to allow you to "apply" for a medical transcription or other form of data entry job. DON'T DO IT!!!

I literally know 350 people who are working, should I say slaving away, right now in the
Philippines in an office ACROSS THE HALL FROM MINE doing medical transcription from the USA. There's another office on the 3rd floor that has 500 people doing general data entry for less money for the UK. Do you know how much the medical transcription staff are paid? 400 pesos per day, or roughly $7 for 8 hours of work!

Furthermore, I checked the local newspaper. Guess what just opened up in Pasay...that's right, a BRAND NEW MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION OFFICE that pays a whole 8,000 pesos per month, or $140 for 160 hours of labor. No free food, medical, or room and board.

Am I complaining? No, since 8,000 is alot of money for most Filipinos and we are grateful to have a job. But I can't sit here and watch scammers like this take advantage of people in the West who want to work as well.

My final thought...if you come across an easy job that allows you to work from home, 99% chance it's a lie! There's millions of Filipinos who will line up to be paid 1/50th of what they are offering per hour!

If I had to ever ask anything from my readers, and there are plenty of you now, it's this:  Ask your blogging friends or webmasters to link to my permalink below with the keywords "medical transcription scam" or "word from home scam".  My goal is to let people know the truth about these lies.

I'm not an activist, but I'm sick of these scammers and spammers and want them stopped!  What a world.

February 21st, 2005

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