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Yelloh girls, written by Kiana Garcia, a Filipina from Manila, Philippines (that's me on the banner) will return to identify the issues of growing up and living as an Asian woman in the world of today.  Actually I'm just one of those Asian girls who likes to speak her mind.  This isn't some sort of sex site, so don't get any wrong ideas.  I might talk about sex from time to time in a non-graphic way, but that's about all you will get.  Ok, maybe you will get some seductive looking photos, but that's only to show the true beauty of the Asian woman.  Taking pictures is one of my hobbies.  The purpose of my site to hopefully empower and educate girls (and teach men about us) about both their inner and outer strength and beauty in this non-Asian dominated world today through my example of body and spirit.  I believe that our most powerful asset as modern Asian women is the freedom of our minds and the power of the internet.

To an Asian girl: is it sex or power?

Power is sexy…money is not.  I can’t begin to tell you how many men think that money impresses women.  “If I buy her this, she’ll love me.”  The only thing that impresses women with when it comes to men with money is in how fast these same women can spend it.  Men with power are a different story.  Of course they probably have at least some money, but it’s the power that comes with the money is what creates their sex appeal.  This applies to Asian countries as well as the West since we watch “The Apprentice” as well.  Basically many men don’t understand how someone like Donald Trump can get supermodels.  Well, actually they just dismiss it to the effect that his sex appeal is only because he is so filthy rich.  That’s not true at all.  It’s his power that gives him such sex appeal.  There’s only a finite amount of money that takes you to the highest level of comfort and security.  I know you straight men will shake your head when I say this, but if you found yourself in the same room as Donald Trump, wouldn’t you find yourself intimidated by him after watching “The Apprentice”?  Now pretend you are a woman and you will see how our intimidation can make him seem very sexy. 

I know that almost all of you guys had some kind of sex fantasy involving your female teachers, some older co-worker, boss, etc.  Most guys who don’t answer to these women wouldn’t understand your fascination.  Sex doesn’t originate in your thoughts with respect to them because they have money that you want, but rather because of the power they have over you.  It makes you submissive.  Even men who have beautiful girlfriends can attest to this.  When they first met them, sex was the only thing on their minds.  In the cases that the girls act like helpless (powerless) children and endlessly whined, their sex appeal suddenly vaporized no matter how attractive they may be.  Some even say that their beauty makes them even more boring since if they can get her, surely they can do better.  One mans treasure is suddenly his trash.  The same is probably true with Donald Trump.  Because he is so powerful, he can pick and choose his women.  These same women have turned down many rich men in their past.  Often these same women come from rich families themselves.  These “ordinary” wealthy men were rich due to a “past life” like a dot com millionaire.  Once they had power, but now they’re just boring bums with 100% material interest and 0% sex appeal.  The same is true here in Asian countries like the Philippines.  In Asian countries, sex appeal is determined by your power.  Here in the Philippines, the most beautiful women and models usually go for senators or congressmen.  These men are not sexy because they have money since there are plenty of “ordinary” rich men as well offering them gifts.  In Asian countries, sex appeal originates because congressmen need bodyguards, armored cars, expense accounts, and girls can tell their friends that they are with “*gasp*…a congressmen”.  All of this attention and importance gives them the sensation of being an important celebrity themselves.  People respect these girls as being powerful themselves.  So as silly as it may seem men, that’s the secret to sex with beautiful women.  If you want girls to love you for money, get rich and then flaunt it.  The useless gold-digging parasites will kick down your door.  If you want them to love and compete for you, have some money…but more power.  Looks don’t matter much after that.

February 18th, 2005

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