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The terrorist bombings at Ayala Glorietta Mall

I should have expected the bombings yesterday.  It was 7pm and I was about to cross the street to go to Glorietta mall.  Suddenly girls and guys who were waiting to get a ride home started pouring across the streets to stare at the footage being shown on the TV inside an ice cream shop.  I saw the carnage, the blood, and the frantic looking people on the other end of the broadcast.  At first I didn't feel anything.  Everyone talking loudly and looking nervous around me, but I just stood there and stared at the moving pictures.  Mind you that one of the blasts happened about 1 km from where I was standing.  I guess I must have been inside when the blast sounded, because I can't remember hearing a thing.

Great job you useless cowards.  Just give me five minutes with you alone in a room.  First I'll rub your shoulders to relax you.  Then I'll massage your back...running my hands down to your waist.  I'll gently unbutton your trousers and reach down...down...to gently...now firmly, grab, smash, and rip your tiny testicles from your underdeveloped body.  Don't bother trying to get them re-attached, because by then I'll have already fed them to my dog.  And while you are screaming in agony like the people who you maimed for life, I'll take a flaming torch and cauterize the wound so that you won't be able to grow them back like the reptile that you are.  Good luck pleasing your virgins when you get to paradise.  You'll always stay one.  Maybe my dog can do it for you...at least he has a penis longer than 2 inches!

Terrorism doesn't make sense to me.  It hurts people who have little ability to lobby to change government policy, i.e. poor commuters.  If you live in a gated subdivision, drive your own car, or go to heavily secured malls, you have little to worry about.  It's the poor that pay the biggest price and can do the least to change things in the terrorists favor.  If terrorism happens once a year or so in an area, even then that's enough to make you dismiss it since the odds of you getting run over by a drunken jeepney driver are much higher than getting killed by a bus or train bomb...especially since I avoid buses and the MRT.  I'm numb.

February 15, 2005

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