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This was too good not to post to my site as part of my regular blog.  It was an e-mail I received today.  His questions are first, followed by my reply.  Enjoy!

> How're you? Hope this message finds you well. Stumble onto your website accidentally. Nice pictures you got there. What interest me is that very few Asians, especially females, speak their minds.
> Just like to have your opinion(s) about whether Asian girls prefer non-Asian guys eg. whites. One can also find numerous websites of Asian girls searching for white husbands. You seldom find white girls advertising their preferences for Asian guys. I believe there are but the number is negligible.

Do the girls actually say that they want white husbands or do the sites say that? I've seen the sites....they target white guys, but usually Asian guys from 1st world countries use them too from what I understand. My challenge to most of the Asian guys who get upset about seeing white guys with Asian girls: Doesn't that leave thousands of lonely white girls for you?  Filipinas are beautiful because we are mostly European/Asian mixes from 400 years of Spanish rule.  There are tons of Filipino guys here with foreign white girlfriends. Also, my cousins in the States are Filipino and they date white girls too.


> There are many Asian girls from Asia marrying whites and live in foreign lands. A lot of them do get treated badly and do get divorce.

I watch COPS here on Star Asia channel...it seems to me that girls in general...black, white, Asian, Latin, etc get the crap beat out of them by their boyfriends of all races. I've also read the numbers for my own self-interest since I've dated a white guy who worked here before as well as a American-Filipino. They both treated me very well. The native men here often treat women like crap. I think 60% of men here hit their women.

> Recently, a white guy posed a question on a forum whether Chinese girls are better than Japanese girls in bed. Replies from other white males make their points including comparison to other Asian girls like Thais and Philippinas. I find this really disgusting - a true barbarian attitude.

Again, I guarantee that you are the exception...not your Asian brothers. I find them to be equally disgusting to what you describe. Read some Filipino history from 1945 during the Japanese exit from Manila. They brutally murdered men, women, children, and even skewered infants on bayonets. Remember the Death March of 1945 when the Americans kicked them out?  It made me cry when I read it and there are thousands of testimonies to back up the story.  Sure...the Japanese are all pacifists now, but their military were immoral monsters back then. It doesn't stop them now though from being the #1 customers of the Philippine sex trade industry. Go to Malate in Manila and you will understand.

> There is a condescending attitude towards Asians by the whites. Asian girls are generally treated as sex objects, I reckon. You do find a lot of 45 to 60 year old white guys in those sleazy joints searching for young Asian girls. In their own countries, their own young white girls don't them a hoot unless they have moolahs to throw around.

Is that generalization really fair? All of my family abroad are at the top of their industry, promoted over their white co-workers by their white bosses. A few don't accurately represent the majority. My own boss stood up to one of those dirt-bags in a bar a few weeks ago. Also, it's not just white guys. It's mostly Arabs and Japanese. White guys make up the minority. I know...I live down the street from these places and I see it everyday.

Beautiful women from every country around the world tend to be attracted to money and power. Most men would do it too if a rich woman offered them luxury. Do you know who is the worst here? Rich gay men who prey on poor straight men.

> I guess in the end, it all comes down to capitalism. What do you think?

I have to control my response on this one or I'll be here all day. Some of the biggest sex pigs are communists and socialists. The KTV girlie bars here are full of men from all countries, races, and ages here that exploit Filipina girls here. The worst, I've seen, are men from the most socialist European countries and the socialist Middle Eastern areas. Setup a system where it's impossible to pull yourself out of mediocrity or poverty...that's from where you see the greatest numbers of organized sex tours and sex abuses. Just look at the Communist leaders in North Korea. They are surrounded by hordes of beautiful women. Socialism is a system where the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.  Most pseudo-intellectuals I've met from socialist and communist nations are epitomes of arrogance.  Humility is more of a capitalist trait in my observation.  Part of making a deal in business is projecting yourself as someone who caters to the whim of the customer.  In socialist systems, the rules all change.  They know that, no matter what they do, their status will likely not change.  An example of socialist apathy is many government positions...especially here in the Philippines.  Throw them into a purely capitalist position and their attitude changes.  It's survival of the fittest.  Granted that "poor" is relative, but I'd rather be poor in a Capitalist society. At least there, I have a better chance of being rich and not having it all taxed away so as that I never can achieve my dream. It's easy to be a Communist/Socialist who is worth millions. Why should you care if the government takes half of your money? You still have millions left over.

February 12th, 2005

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